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Overview of the classical guitar



It is distinguished by a certain number of characteristics:

It is a plucked string instrument. The sound is amplified. Its origins date back to antiquity (the word may come from the persian word kitar), whose shape and dimensions have changed over the centuries. The modern classical guitar was made by Antonio de Torres.

It is made of a resonator made of softwood, and a bottom hardwood, with a key fretted. On the fine instruments, th wood is solid.

In general, it has 6 strings tied to a bridge glued to the soundboard. Some guitars have 7 strings, to expand the range to the low notes.

Initially, the strings were made from catgut, but nowadays nylon is used.

To produce sound, the strings are plucked with the right hand by two techniques. Most players use long nails, carefully polished.

The classical guitar was also used in solo instrument by many composers such as Giuliani or Villa-Lobos.

The first golden age of the classical guitar dates back to the XIXth century.


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