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Basic chords







Tabs are parial representation of the guitar neck with the position of the notes on the fretboard.Four or five boxes are represented, and

- Boxes and indicated on the tablature with a double slash and with a number next to them indicating their positions.

- The notes are represented by a dot,

- Strings played directly (empty strings) have an empty white point at their head,

- Non-played strings are designated by a cross.

The fingers to put in each box to play a chord are not always indicated. When they are indicated,the index is represented by a figure placed on the note or notes, the major with a 2, ring 3 and little finger with a 4.

The big black line symbolises the index pressing on all strings in a fret. This isn't easy but if you practice it, you'll improve a lot.

In general, notes are written American style : Do=C; Re=D; Mi=E; Fa=F; Sol=G; La=A; Si=B.

The C,D,A,B(major,minor,seventh) do not require the low E.

To check if it sounds good, play the notes one by one.If there is a problem,see if one of your finger touches a string it shouldn't.


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